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Newport Ph.D.
Executive Director, US Economics, S&P Global Market Intelligence
Top industry expertise:
Country / Territory Risk
Sourcing and Supply Chain
Regional focus:
North America
Economics Director, Vantage Asset Valuations, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Top industry expertise:
Oil & Gas Upstream
Regional focus:
De Lima
Economics Associate Director, Economic Indices, S&P Global Market Intelligence
Top industry expertise:
Regional focus:
Latin America
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Assessing Russia/Ukraine Conflict Scenarios: What comes next?
1 hour
less than 1 day ago
2021 Supply Chain Insights
Join our experts as they share and discuss the responses from 350+ active global supply chain leaders - from future plans to uncovered challenges that are impacting supply chain management and business operations.

less than 1 day ago
Geostrategy 2021: Autumn Pulse Check
2021 continues to be a year where geopolitics is firmly on the front line. Join us for a discussion of the state of play and outlook for the key issues shaping decision making.

less than 1 day ago
European Macro Outlook
Risks to Europe's outlook amid a resurgence of COVID-19: Heading for a double-dip recession?
1 hour
less than 1 day ago
Top-10 Economic Predictions for 2021: Overcoming the pandemic and charting new paths for the global economy
1 hour
less than 1 day ago
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