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Base Chemical Executive Forum
In this exclusive two-part Base Chemical Executive Forum, we will provide a high-level executive overview of the strategic issues from our latest World Analysis along each of the base chemical value chains.
2 hours 30 minutes
less than 1 day ago
How high can US propane prices rise this winter, and will US ethane prices follow?

less than 1 day ago
IHS Markit Chemical Webinar: Global Chlor-Alkali
1 hour
less than 1 day ago
Global Acrylates, MMA and SAP webinar
This webinar will look at the current impact of COVID 19 on the global acrylic acid, acrylate esters, MMA and SAP industries. An analysis of the production economics, supply and demand balances as well as trade will form the basis for long term implications for producers and buyers.
1 hour
less than 1 day ago
World Petrochemical Conference 2021
World Petrochemical Conference 2021
4 days
less than 1 day ago
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38th Annual World Petrochemical Conference
IHS Markit Conference
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