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Jenny Nguyen Yang
Senior Director, Gas, Power, and Energy Futures
Jenny Nguyen Yang, senior director, is the research manager of the Gas, Power, and Energy Futures team for China at IHS Markit and a member of the IHS Markit research and consulting team in Asia.

Based in Beijing, Ms. Yang focuses on China's gas and power market fundamentals and policy analysis. Her recent research includes Chinese energy market reforms, small-scale LNG, coal-based synthetic natural gas, gas demand potential from the transport and power generation sectors, Chinese companies' LNG procurement strategies, and the impacts of Chinese gas demand and related policies on the global gas and LNG market. She also has extensive knowledge of electricity load forecast and peak demand management, pricing and structuring of electricity products, power retail operations, and electricity market deregulation. Prior to joining IHS Markit, Ms. Yang was vice president of pricing, products, and markets at Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. in Houston, Texas. Earlier, she was a quantitative analyst at Williams Companies, where she produced forward-looking price and volatility curves for energy-related trading commodities. Ms. Yang holds both a Bachelor of Business and Administration and a Master of Business and Administration from the University of Oklahoma, United States.

Industry expertise
Climate and Sustainability
Areas of interest
Natural Gas / LNG Markets
Energy Transition
Climate Change
Coal to Gas Policies
Energy Geopolitics
Energy Investment Analysis
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
Regional focus
Asia Pacific
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