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Chris Williamson
Chief Business Economist, S&P Global Market Intelligence
Chris Williamson is Chief Business Economist at S&P Global Market Intelligence

Mr. Williamson is Chief Business Economist and an executive director at S&P Global Market Intelligence. He is a well-known economic commentator and is regularly quoted in international business print and broadcast press, and frequently speaks at conferences on global economic issues. Mr. Williamson also sits on a number of economic advisory panels.

Mr. Williamson joined the company in 2008 following the acquisition of NTC Economics, a provider of global macro-economic indicators, where he played a major role developing a world-leading provider of business surveys and economic indicators, including the PMI series. PMI surveys now encompass all major economies and are commonly cited as some of the most important sources of economic information available to central banks, financial markets and business decision makers.

He studied Economics at the University of Nottingham and Economic Development at the University of Manchester.

Industry expertise
Financial Services
Country / Territory Risk
Sourcing and Supply Chain
Financial Indices
Areas of interest
Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI)
Regional focus
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