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Nick Vafiadis
Vice President, Plastics, IHS Markit
Nick Vafiadis, a 30-year veteran of the chemical industry manages IHS Markit’s global plastics practice.

Previously, as the business director for polyolefins, and service leader for IHS Markit's Global Plastics & Polymers Report, Mr. Vafiadis's daily responsibilities encompassed analysis, consulting, and reporting on the global polyolefins market, as well as managing the operations associated with producing and developing the report. Concurrently, he contributed to single client projects and studies related to the polyolefins industry. In his earlier assignments, he was responsible for consulting duties associated with the chlor-alkali and vinyl product chain. He contributed to the Monomers Market Report, the Chlor-Alkali Market Report, and the Global Plastics & Polymers Market Report. He has been with IHS Markit and its predecessor CMAI since 2002. Before joining CMAI, he had spent twelve years with Vista Chemical Company (now Condea Vista Chemical Company), where he held assignments in marketing, product management, and sales management in both the vinyl and surfactant business areas. Mr. Vafiadis holds a Management BBA from The University of Texas at Austin, United States.

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