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James Taverner
Research and Analysis Director
James Taverner is a member of the IHS Markit Gas, Power, and Energy Futures team focusing on global gas and LNG markets

Mr. Taverner, Research and Analysis Director, IHS Markit, specializes in global gas and LNG markets, with a particular focus on Northeast Asia (Japan, South Korea, and China). His expertise includes quantitative analysis and model building of supply, demand, and price fundamentals; analysis of government policy and regulation; and gas market development. Mr. Taverner was the project manager and lead researcher for the major IHS Markit Multiclient Study 'The New Map of Global Gas,' an in-depth analysis of the potential impact of unconventional gas on supply, demand, trade, and price in the global market. He has contributed to numerous other IHS Markit studies, including 'Global Gas Reset,' 'LNG in Transportation: Challenging Oil's Grip,' and 'Solving the Tangram: China Regional Gas and Power Scenarios.' He is based in London and has previously worked in the IHS Markit offices in Paris, Beijing, and Tokyo, where we worked with local clients and international companies targeting those markets. Mr. Taverner holds a Master of Arts from Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

Industry expertise
Climate and Sustainability
Areas of interest
Natural Gas / LNG Markets
Regional focus
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