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Junya Tanizaki
Research and Analysis Associate Director, Energy
Junya Tanizaki, Research and Analysis Director with the Gas, Power, and Energy Futures team, is a global energy market analyst, specializing in the energy demand modeling.

Mr. Tanizaki primarily focuses on the IHS Markit Global Energy Scenarios, covering a board range of the energy market trends globally. His expertise includes forecasting and analyzing energy prices, demand, supply, and CO2 emissions. He is also one of the key modelers in the group and has developed and maintained complex econometric models of energy markets using highly-sophisticated time-series software and provided quantitative economic analyses of the energy industries. Mr. Tanizaki holds a BA from Dokkyo University in Japan and an MA from the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies at Boston University in the United States.

Industry expertise
Climate and Sustainability
Areas of interest
Energy & Climate Scenarios
Regional focus
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