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Lina Suarez
Director, Global Chlor alkali Vinyls, IHS Markit
Lina Suarez, director of the Chlor-alkali Market Analysis Service at IHS Markit, provides market discovery, analysis and reporting for caustic soda in North America and select countries of Latin America.

Ms. Suarez joined IHS Markit in 2019 as part of the Inorganics Global Business Team. With extensive experience in the integrated chlor-alkali, ethylene and vinyls production and commercial chains that contributes to IHS Markit's industry leading expertise in chlor-vinyls and chlor-alkali derivatives. She has worked as a sales executive and product manager in multiple Latin American countries over the past twenty years, gaining deep petrochemical and chlor-vinyls industry knowledge and broad expertise in chemical market analysis, sales and management. Her experience includes positions with Quimica Delta as Product and Commercial Director for the Base Oils and Solvents business units in Mexico; Commercial Director PMV / Mexichem Mexico guiding chlor-alkali, ethylene and VCM business strategies and commercial operations; and experience defining new business models and executing sales programs in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil for chemical and oil companies including 3M Colombia, DuPont México, Chevron México and BP México.

Industry expertise
Chlor-Alkali, Inorganics & Mining Materials
Areas of interest
Petrochemical Markets
Regional focus
North America
English, Portuguese, Spanish
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