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Joseph Somers
Vice President, Agri - Consulting, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Joseph Somers is head of the IEG Policy Washington DC office and responsible for economic analyses and agricultural policy consultancy work.

His studies provide clients with insight on the implications of policy changes on the farm sector. Joseph also leads IEG Policy and Big Data Roundtables. He joined IEG Policy in 2002. His current role focuses heavily on evaluating US and foreign government policies, including farm programs, trade agreements, trade issues and environmental issues. He has headed a number of important studies including the analysis of USDA market development programs, in terms of the benefits to US agricultural exports, the farm economy and overall macro economy; foreign trade agreements and policy issues. Before joining us, Joseph worked for the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) at the USDA for more than 25 years, where he served in Brazil and Argentina as a Foreign Service Officer.

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Farm Policy
Farm Structure
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North America
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