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Victor Solis
Director, Downstream Oil Refining and Marketing, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Victor Solis, Director at S&P Global Commodity Insights, coordinates long term downstream oil refining and marketing research for the Annual Strategic Workbook (ASW) service.

Victor handles the global coordination of the S&P Global Commodity Insights flagship Annual Strategic Workbook (ASW) service for Refining and Marketing. The service brings together S&P Global Commodity Insights experts in regional downstream markets, biofuels, automotive, maritime, chemicals, economics, and our latest research to supply the foundation for our long-term comprehensive views of the downstream industry for major refined products (gasoline, naphtha, diesel/gasoil, jet/kerosene, and heavy fuel oil) supply and demand balances, utilization rates, new refinery projects and potential capacity rationalization, capacity, inter-regional trade, and investment outlooks to 2050. He oversees the energy demand forecasting model and does the global product balancing.

Victor specializes in data flow, modeling and process improvement and has made major improvements to the ASW framework, visualization, review, and coordination efforts. He is overseeing the movement of all model inputs and outputs along with client delivery into a modern, powerful database across the broader Oil Markets, Midstream and Downstream Insights group as the first step in seamless integration and upgrading of our modeling systems.

Victor started with Purvin & Gertz, Inc. (now part of S&P Global) in 2008 and has worked in research in the refined products market forecasting and price forecasting groups and done various consulting projects.

He holds a bachelor of science from Texas A&M University in Genetics and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Industry expertise
Oil Markets, Midstream, and Downstream
Areas of interest
Refined Product Supply, Demand and Pricing
Transport Energy Demand
Regional focus
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