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Vaiva Seckute
Principal Economist, S&P Global Market Intelligence
Vaiva Seckute is responsible for the coverage of European economies including forecasting, drafting, communication and presentation at Comparative Industry Service (CIS) at S&P Global Market Intelligence.
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Vaiva is providing detailed industrial forecasts for Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Finland, Poland and Hungary and worldwide coverage of transportation services. Vaiva is responsible for thought leadership on research and products bringing together macroeconomic, financial markets and industrial insights. Before joining CIS, Vaiva held a macroeconomist position at S&P Global Market Intelligence covering countries in Emerging Europe. The areas of research focuses on supply chain, trade, vulnerability to shocks, labor markets, inequality, housing market, demographics, economic convergence paths, potential growth, economic policy and competitiveness. Before joining S&P Global in 2017, she worked as a senior economist at Swedbank Macro Research primarily covering Lithuania, as well as other Western, Central, and Eastern European economies. Vaiva consistently ranked as 10-20 among the most-media-cited experts of the Lithuanian banking sector. Before starting working as economist she spent additional three years working as business journalist in Baltic News Service in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Vaiva has a master's degree in Financial Economics from the ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Lithuania. She speaks Lithuanian, English, French, Russian, and some Polish and German.

Areas of interest
Economic Data
Quantitative Research
Rail Transport
Supply Chain Risk
Regional focus
Europe & CIS
English, French, German, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian
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