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Birgit Schulz
Sr. Analyst, Short-term Fertilizer Forecasts, IHS Markit
Birgit Schulz is the editor for IHS Markit monthly reports on short-term fertilizer themes, including supply/demand, costs, and price forecasting.

Ms. Schulz has been working as a fertilizer market analyst at IHS Markit Agribusiness since May 2014 after a few years as a commodity analyst specialising in coffee and renewable chemicals at IHS Markit Agribusiness - FO Licht. Her main area of focus has been nitrates - including upstream (natural gas, ammonia, urea) and downstream (fertilizers, industrial) industries. Over the years she has been the editor of the long-term nitrates analysis including demand forecasting, cost estimation and price forecasting, before taking on the role of editor of the monthly short-term outlook reports for fertilizers at IHS Markit Agribusiness.

Before IHS Markit Agribusiness - FO Licht, she worked at Henkel, a leading chemical company. She holds a Master of Science in International Economics from the University of Essex, United Kingdom, as well as a Bachelor of Science in International Business and Management from the Fontys Hogescholen in Venlo, Netherlands. She's a native German speaker, fluent in English, and able to understnad some Spanish.

Industry expertise
Areas of interest
Nitrogen Fertilizers
Phosphate Fertilizers
Sulphur & Sulfuric Acid
Regional focus
German, English
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