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Robert (Bob) Ineson
Executive Director, Energy
Robert Ineson, executive director, IHS Markit, is a recognized expert in the global LNG and North American natural gas industries.
For many years, he led the IHS Markit North American Natural Gas and Global LNG research teams. Mr. Ineson has more than 35 years of energy industry experience, including many years in the pipeline industry. His research activities are currently centered on the global LNG market with a focus on the emerging role of North America in the LNG world. Mr. Ineson has written influential reports and papers on the natural gas market. Among these, he was a coauthor, along with IHS Markit Vice Chairman Daniel Yergin, of The Wall Street Journal op-ed piece 'America's Natural Gas Revolution.' Mr. Ineson was a coauthor of the IHS Markit multiclient studies Fueling North America's Energy Future and Rising to the Challenge: Turning North America's Unconventional Potential into Reality - A Supply Study to 2018. More recently, Mr. Ineson was the author of the IHS Markit reports on The Election of Donald J. Trump: What does it mean for LNG?; Low Cost Gas Supply and US LNG Exports: A Competitive Advantage, but for Whom?; The path ahead for Canadian LNG, and Potential and risk: What could limit the growth of North American liquefaction capacity? Mr. Ineson holds a Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York at Albany and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, both United States
Industry expertise
Gas, Power, and Energy Futures
Areas of interest
Commodity Price Forecasts
Natural Gas / LNG Markets
Regional focus
Global, North America
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