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Jan Randolph
Director – Sovereign Risk, Economics & Country Risk, IHS Markit
Jan Randolph serves as director of Sovereign Risk Rating Service at IHS Markit.

As Sovereign Risk Team Leader (Global 204; part of Economics and Country Risk), Mr. Randolph adapted the country and financial risk modeling and risk management techniques, such as developed by the British global banks, for use by IHS Markit and its customers. Mr. Randolph has held positions in a variety of international financial risk management firms in financial services. Prior to joining IHS Markit, he had experience in senior financial risk management with global British banks in the City of London and four years as head of economics forecasting in the World Markets Research Centre (WMRC). He acquired Sovereign and Financial Credit Risk lending Signatures with Bank of Kuwait and headed Sovereign and Financial Institutions bank credit lending desks. Mr. Randolph holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Economics and Politics from Bristol University, UK, and a postgraduate Certificate of Education in Economics from the University of London, UK.

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Legal Risk
Taxation Risk
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