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Indrayuth Mukherjee
Senior analyst, Clean Energy Technology and Renewables, IHS Markit
Indrayuth Mukherjee is a senior analyst for the Global Clean Energy Technology and Renewables team at IHS Markit, with a focus on the global wind energy market

Mr. Mukherjee has over 6 years of consulting and research experience in the energy sector with a focus on market analysis and competitive strategy. He focuses on renewable power markets globally with a special focus on wind energy. Mr. Mukherjee's responsibilities include leading the onshore wind research agenda, building and coordinating global deliverables and insights on topics including market activity, technology evolution, supply chain, ownership rankings, recycling, and cost projections. He also supports in building our global outlooks and assists various consulting assignments and multi-client studies

Prior to joining IHS Markit in 2015, Mr. Mukherjee was working with Transparency Market Research where he contributed to market research reports, technology research, and other customized research for the renewable energy, upstream, midstream, and other global energy sectors.

Mr. Mukherjee holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from the Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata. He also holds a Master of Business Administration in Power Management from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

Industry expertise
Climate and Sustainability
Clean Technology & Renewables
Areas of interest
Energy & Climate Scenarios
Offshore Wind
Regional focus
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