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Ella Mukerji
Senior Analyst, Agribusiness, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Ella Mukerji, senior nitrates analyst for the Fertecon team at S&P Global Commodity Insights.

Ella leads the long-term analysis of nitrates products within the Fertecon team at S&P Global. She is responsible for producing quarterly outlook reports detailing a current and long-term analysis of production, trade, supply and demand, costs and prices.

Prior to joining Fertecon, Ella served as the product lead for onboarding solutions in the financial services division of S&P Global and has also gained experience working in the Payments department of UBS in The United States.

Ella holds Postgraduate Degree in International Business from St Mary's University, London and a bachelor degree in Sociology and Social Psychology from The University of York.

Industry expertise
Areas of interest
Nitrogen Fertilizers
Regional focus
Europe & CIS
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