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Jeff Meyer
Director, Energy, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Jeff Meyer is a director at S&P Global Commodity Insights with the Mobility and Energy team.

Jeff is a director at S&P Global Commodity Insights with the Mobility and Energy team. His research focuses on automotive market and policy trends and their implications for energy demand. Jeff has been the primary author of a number of Strategic Reports on mobility developments, including 'ZEV Watch: ICE in the crosshairs'; 'Getting to Norway: How the global leader in electric vehicle adoption has moved nearly halfway to 100% new light ZEV sales'; 'Will Houston become more like Oslo: A perspective on city vehicle regulations'; 'If you build it: Will more electric vehicle models spur rising sales?'; and 'From 'carrot' to 'stick': How China's EV policy support is evolving.' Before joining the Mobility and Energy team, he focused on the global oil market and industry trends. Jeff joined S&P Global in 2010 as a research assistant to Vice Chairman Daniel Yergin for his book 'The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World.'

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Haverford College, United States, and master's degrees from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and New York University, United States.

Industry expertise
Light Vehicles
Areas of interest
Electric Vehicles (EVs/Batteries/EV Charging)
Regional focus
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