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Bill McCary
Vice President, Director of Acreage and Production, Line Manager for CROPS
Bill McCary is the director and lead researcher projecting key crop areas and yields at IHS Markit.

Mr. McCary is the director and lead researcher projecting key crop areas and yields worldwide for the major producing countries. He also is the line manager for the IHS Markit CROPS group, which forecasts use and prices for corn, other feed grains, wheat, rice, oilseeds, and cotton. The area and production work, lead by Mr. McCary, provides monthly or semi-monthly area and production forecasts usually starting 18 months ahead of harvest. A track record of many of the key area and production forecasts can be found on the IHS Markit FACE website. Since joining the company in 1983, in role of area and production analysts, he has visited several of the major crop-producing countries, making first had field observation. In Brazil and Argentina, for example he visited the key soybean and corn areas annually for nearly 30 years for a month long survey to determine production as well as to understand the geography, culture, economics, etc. Mr. McCary is a graduate of Mississippi State University.

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Crop Production
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