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Sarah Marlow
Director, Current Information - Phosphates and Sulphur, IHS Markit
Sarah Marlow is the Director of Current Information, Phosphates and Sulphur at IHS Markit

Ms. Marlow specialises in the Phosphates, Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid markets but over her career has covered most nutrients in the fertilizer space. Ms. Marlow is currently the editor of Fertecon's monthly Futures reports on Phosphates and Sulphur, producing a short term price forecast report for both sectors. Having started in the industry in 1991 with a primary responsibility for the weekly phosphates report, Ms. Marlow moved on after ten years to focus on the short-medium term outlook for Phosphates when she joined FRC in 2001.

Phosphates remained her specialty in 2012 when she went to work for CRU before re-joining Fertecon in 2015. After graduating from the University of St. Andrews and prior to joining Fertecon, Ms. Marlow worked at an investment management firm in the City of London for two years followed by a further two years at a commercial property company.

Industry expertise
Areas of interest
Phosphate Fertilizers
Phosphate Rock and Phosphoric Acid
Sulphur & Sulfuric Acid
Regional focus
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