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Bob Maltsbarger
Principal Economist, Food & Agricultural Commodities
Bob Maltsbarger has responsibility for forecasting and analysis for oilseeds, oils, and meals, select specialty crops.

Dr. Maltsbarger is responsible for the continued development, maintenance, and forecasting of international oilseeds, oils, and meals sector, including providing monthly supply and demand analysis and commentary on international oilseeds and their derivatives. He leads cost modeling development for the food, fiber, feed and beverage sector and provides insight and forecasting of select specialty crops including coffee and tree nuts. Dr. Maltsbarger joined IHS Markit in May 2010. He designed and created new products to assist with client planning and analysis including the addition of global partial equilibrium models for multiple commodities, commodity processing and food, fiber, feed and beverage manufacturing primary input cost models, and the extension of fruits, vegetables and tree nuts into the pricing arena for downstream clients. He holds B.S, M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in agricultural economics from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Industry expertise
Sourcing and Supply Chain
Areas of interest
Food Commodity Markets
Vegetable Oils
Commodity Price Forecasts
Softs Commodity Markets
Commodity Flows
Crop Processing
Farm Economics and Cost of Production
Farmland Trends & Prices
Market Analysis & Forecasts
Food Consumption
Food Ingredient Procurement and Cost Analysis
Palm Oil
Protein Crops
Specialty Crops
Feed Ingredients
Regional focus
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