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Bharti Malhotra
Senior Analyst, IHS Markit
Bharti Malhotra is Senior Analyst at Agribusiness and has over 12 years' experience in the crop science with expertise in genetically modified seed industry.

Dr. Bharti is working as a Senior Analyst at IHS Markit, Crop Science, Agribusiness, previously known as Phillips McDougall. She holds a doctorate in agriculture biotechnology and has 12 years of biotechnology, molecular biology, and agriculture experience. She has worked on 100+ market intelligence projects in her previous roles. In addition, she has authored agricultural market reports on seeds, seed technologies, including gene-editing, agrochemicals, and commodities sectors and sub-sectors.

During her professional journey from R&D to management consulting and market research, she has developed transgenic potatoes using the RNAi technique (genetic engineering technique) and standardized gene editing methodology, and next-generation sequencing techniques for tomato crop. She has also worked on the commercialization of genetically modified crops in India and Bangladesh.

Industry expertise
Life Sciences
Areas of interest
Gene Editing and GMO
Regional focus
English, Hindi
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