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Nick Kovics
Executive Director, Global Chlor-alkali, IHS Markit
Mr. Kovics leads the global chlor-alkali market advisory team and holds specialized expertise related to pulp bleaching chemicals including sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide.

Nick Kovics brings 25 years of chemical industry experience to the IHS Markit Inorganic chemicals insights team. He joined IHS Markit in 2017 as Global Bleaching Chemicals Global Service Lead. Mr. Kovics went on to lead the Global Lithium & Battery Materials team before being promoted to Chlor-alkali Chemicals Global Service Lead in 2020. Mr. Kovics has a varied background having worked in upstream energy, new energy, and electrochemicals; he held a range of functional roles in several companies prior to joining IHS Markit. Nick began his career in the oil service sector with Schlumberger Canada cementing and hydraulic fracturing services. Nick transitioned from oil and gas to new energy and spent a decade in the hydrogen fuel cell sector with Ballard Power Systems. Nick's career continued in the electrochemical sector when he joined Canexus and holding positions in chlor-alkali chemicals and sodium chlorate marketing. Nick holds a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering, an MBA, and is a Canadian Certified Professional Accountant.

Industry expertise
Chlor-Alkali, Inorganics & Mining Materials
Regional focus
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