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Alex Klaessig
Senior Director, Hydrogen and Renewable Gas Forum, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Alex Klaessig, is a senior director for the Hydrogen and Renewable Gas Forum at S&P Global Commodity Insights

Alex's primary research focuses on hydrogen's applications. He also has a decade of experience studying the impact of environmental regulation on the electric power sector for North America power market practice.

Previously, Alex worked as a consultant at Abt Associates on US government consultancy. He focused on economic modeling of proposed rulemakings and supporting the US Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Compliance. Before consulting, Alex worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Environmental Information.

He holds a BS in Physics from the University of Delaware and an MPP in Energy Policy from American University.

Industry expertise
Climate and Sustainability
Clean Technology & Renewables
Light Vehicles
Medium and Heavy Trucks
Areas of interest
Biofuel Markets
Electric Power Markets
Electric Vehicle Power Grid Implications
Energy Environment Policies and Practice
Energy Geopolitics
Energy Transition
Regional focus
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