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John W. King
Vice President, Chemical Consulting Asia
John W. King is vice president of the Chemical Consulting group in Asia at IHS Markit.

He has over 24 years of experience in Asia and a total of 38 years of chemical and energy industry experience. Mr. King has led the technical and market consultant advisory roles for many of the major Asian petrochemical investments project financed in Asia the past 24 years, including major investments in China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. He has led the Industry/business due diligence support needed in a number of M&A transactions in Asia including comprehensive business, economic, market and strategy evaluations in various petrochemical and specialty chemical businesses. Mr. King has worked with each of the Asia National Oil companies, major state owned enterprises and many of the energy/chemical companies in Asia over the past 24 years. Experience includes such business/product areas as: refinery/petrochemical integrated complexes; gas and naptha cracker and derivative investments; various value chain including methane/coal to chemicals (ammonia, urea; methanol and derivatives); ethane to ethylene and derivatives (polyethylenes, ethylene oxide/MEG; specialty EOs, and others); propane to propylene and derivatives (Polypropylene, Propylene Oxide, Acrylonitrile, Acrylates); C4 chain including butadiene, ABS, ;elastomers and rubbers; engineering resins including polycarbonate, nylons, POM; the chloralkali to PVC chain; I have lived in worked in India for five years and based in Thailand now since 2001 with experience working with clients throughout Asia over this period. Prior to his Asia experience, Mr. King has similar experience in Europe and in the Americas. Earlier in his career, Mr. King worked as a process engineer in the lubricant additives operations of Ethyl Corporation (now Afton Chemicals).​

Industry expertise
Oil Markets, Midstream, and Downstream
Engineering & Product Design
Aromatics & Fibers
Chemical Process Technology
Chlor-Alkali, Inorganics & Mining Materials
Syngas Chemicals, Industrial Gases & Fertilizers
Olefins & Derivatives
Polymers & Elastomers
Resins & Coatings
Specialty Chemicals
Intermediates, Solvents & Surfactants
Areas of interest
Chemical Company Strategies and Performance
Renewable Chemicals
LPG / NGL Markets
National Oil Company Strategy
Oil Markets Supply, Demand and Pricing
Refining and Petrochemicals Integration
Olefins Cash Cost
Olefins Feedstocks
Petrochemical Markets
Refinery Competition
Refining Company Strategies and Performance
Oil Prices
Regional focus
Asia Pacific, North America, Europe & CIS
English, Spanish
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