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Celina Hwang
Senior Research Analyst, North American Crude Oil Markets, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Celina Hwang, senior analyst for North American Crude Oil Markets at S&P Global Commodity Insights focusing on Canadian crude oil supply, production, economics, and logistics.

Celina contributes to quarterly and monthly Canadian supply outlooks and global crude oil supply and demand balances. Celina's expertise includes prior research and analysis on Canadian gas transmission capacity and market drivers, US tight oil supply and development, and global macroeconomics.

She holds an undergraduate degree in economics with a concentration in energy economics from the University of Calgary and is based in Calgary.

Industry expertise
Oil & Gas Upstream
Unconventional Oil & Gas
Areas of interest
Exploration & Production (E&P)
Exploration & Production (E&P) Economics
Exploration & Production (E&P) Strategy
Oil Sands
Upstream Facilities
Upstream Operations
Regional focus
North America
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