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David Hunt
Executive Director Country Risk – Applied Intelligence
David Hunt, a research director in Economics & Country Risk at IHS Markit, leads advanced analytics and predictive modelling capabilities for global political and security risks.

Mr. Hunt develops partnerships that combine human expertise and artificial intelligence to better anticipate and quantify political and security risks. He applies new methods and creative datasets to solve complex problems, bringing together teams of domain experts, quants and developers. His work since joining the company in 2005 combines research, consulting and product management, alongside responsibility for managing OSINT and HUMINT collection systems, building the industry's leading geospatial terrorism risk model, and developing probabilistic scenario analysis products. Mr. Hunt holds a Bachelor of Arts in war studies and a Master of Arts with Distinction in international conflict analysis from King's College London, United Kingdom.

Industry expertise
Country / Territory Risk
Areas of interest
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Security Risk
Economic Risk
Operational Risk
Political Risk
Quantitative Research
Legal Risk
Political Violence
Supply Chain Risk
Taxation Risk
Data Science
Regional focus
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