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Ben Herzon
Executive Director, Research advisory specialty solutions, S&P Global Market Intelligence
Dr. Ben Herzon, known as the current-quarter Guru of IHS Markit (Now a part of S&P Global), focuses on GDP forecasts.

Dr. Herzon focuses on translating recent trends in high-frequency data into a near-term forecast of GDP growth with high statistical precision. That includes directing the analysis of the data, authoring data commentaries, running the current-quarter tracking system, designing and maintaining a population-weighted snowfall database and conducting other research that requires a heavy dose of statistical horsepower. In addition, he writes portions of the forecast reports and conducts and reports research on a variety of macro topics. He joined Macroeconomic Advisers - later acquired by IHS Markit (Now a part of S&P Global) - a year prior to receiving his Ph.D. in economics from Washington University in April 1998.

His research there focused tracing the effects of monetary policy shocks through various industrial sectors, employing BEA's input-output accounts and time-series econometric techniques. He is a member and previously served as president of the St. Louis Gateway Chapter of NABE.

Industry expertise
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