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Kevin Hackett
Aeronautical Engineering Director, ESDU, S&P Global Engineering Solutions
Kevin Hackett, Aeronautical Engineering Director at S&P Global Engineering Solutions, develops aerodynamic ESDU data items for the use in industry and academia to provide rapid and good practice and guidance for aircraft design.

Kevin specializes in the complex transonic flow which involves mix of subsonic and supersonic flow. This requires the extensive analysis of data from technical reports, wind tunnel or generated by computational fluid dynamic methods to generate rules and validation of the design method. Extending the capability of existing tools to cover limitations of the flight envelope to enable the end user to define the regions of safe flight. The work is peer reviewed by an external committee composed of leading experts from industry, academia and research establishments. Provides expert consultancy to number of main aircraft companies and research establishments. Liaises with several universities on supporting pre- and post-graduate projects. Support and advising customers on using the ESDU Data Items.

Completed a five-year apprenticeship with British Aerospace at Hatfield and graduated with a BSc (Hons) 1st Aeronautical Engineering. Spent 14 years in the Aerodynamics department, working on wing designs for several Airbus aircraft, culminating in the A330/A340 aircraft. Transferred to Corporate Jets which included future project studies and supporting the development of the U125A for the Japanese Air force. Joined QinetiQ (then DRA) in 1995 and spend 13 years working on and leading several UK and European research programs covering advance wing design concepts, wind tunnel testing and flow control. During this period provided the aerodynamic design and support for the Zephyr HALE program which currently holds the world recorded for endurance. Left QinetiQ in 2008 and currently work for S&P Global's ESDU to develop items and data sheets for good design practice and providing consultancy for a number of clients. Published and presented several papers at national and international conferences and co-inventor on a number of patents. Achieved Charted Engineer status in 1990 and became a Fellow of the RAeS in 2005.

Industry expertise
Engineering & Product Design
Areas of interest
Aeronautical Design/Engineering
Regional focus
Europe & CIS
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