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Joao Gaspar
Senior Research Analyst, Bleaching Chemicals
Joao Pacheco Gaspar covers hydrogen peroxide and sodium chlorate markets in the EMEA and Latin America regions.

Mr. Gaspar joined IHS Markit in 2019 as part of the Inorganics group to assist both the Global Soda Ash and the Global Bleaching Chemicals teams in their market advisory services. He later took on the exclusive responsibility of covering both Europe and Latin America for the Global Bleaching Chemicals market advisory service as the senior analyst for both regions. Products covered include hydrogen peroxide and sodium chlorate. His responsibilities include market discovery, research, report writing, pricing and supply/demand forecasting and model development.

Mr. Gaspar graduated with a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering in 2019, from Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal, having conducted his Master's thesis' research in Imperial College London, attaining the grade 19/20 for his work 'Interfacial behavior of Perfluoroalkylalkanes triphilic surfactants: a molecular dynamics simulation study' . As a result of three years of both experimental and computational research in the field of thermodynamics in collaboration with research groups at Técnico Lisboa and Imperial College London, he also participated in scientific publications including 'Liquid-liquid interfaces: Water-perfluoroalkanes and water-perfluoroalkylalkanes, experimental interfacial tensions and molecular simulation', published in the Journal of Molecular Liquids. As part of his academic experience he also took part in a short exchange programme at TU Deflt, Netherlands. He is fluent in both English and Portuguese.

Industry expertise
Chlor-Alkali, Inorganics & Mining Materials
Regional focus
Europe & CIS, Latin America
English, Portuguese
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