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Steve Fekete
Executive Director, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Downstream Consulting; Crude oil valuation and markets

Steve is a Executive Director with the S&P Global Commodity Insights Downstream Energy Consulting group, based in the Calgary office. Steve joined the legacy company Purvin & Gertz in 1997 (Purvin & Gertz was acquired by S&P Global Commodity Insights in November 2011), prior to which he gained experience as a process engineer and planning/economics engineer for several independent USGC refineries. He specializes in consulting projects focused on crude oil and refined product studies, asset valuations and synergy analysis, refinery project feasibility and optimization studies, and development of pricing forecasts for new production crude oils. He leads the companies America's crude oil quality bank practice, and has developed and administered quality banks in North America, Latin America, and Africa.

Steve is a registered professional engineer (APEGA) and holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin (1988) and an M.B.A. from the University of Houston (1996).

Industry expertise
Oil Markets, Midstream, and Downstream
Areas of interest
Refining Margins
Crude Oil Quality Banks
Downstream Benchmarking
Downstream Strategy
Gasoline and Diesel Markets
Oil Markets Supply, Demand and Pricing
Oil Prices
Oil Terminals, Storage and Pipelines
Refined Product Supply, Demand and Pricing
Crude Oil & Refined Products Markets
Refinery Competition
Refinery Crude Oil Supply Planning
Refinery Models/PIMS
Refinery Operation
Refinery Optimization
Refinery Processes
Refinery Yields
Refining Economics
Refining Economics and Valuation
Refined Product Terminals, Storage and Pipelines
Regional focus
North America
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