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Mark F. Esposito
Principal Research Analyst, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit
Liquid Bulk Principal Research Analyst, Maritime & Trade at IHS Markit

Mr. Esposito spent six years in New York City brokering crude and refined products futures and options on behalf of global oil companies and international financial institutions prior to joining IHS Markit. Currently his focus is leveraging his experience in the financial markets to provide thorough analysis of liquid bulk commodity markets including crude, diesel, fuel oil, gasoline, jet fuel, LPG, and naphtha. Trade flow intelligence, freight markets, and underlying physical trading contribute to a complete assessment. The focus of research lies within fundamentals to develop supply and demand balance models, while delivering concise insight of the refining industry, maritime trade routes, and geopolitical affairs. He holds a B.S. from James Madison University.

Industry expertise
Maritime & Trade
Oil Markets, Midstream, and Downstream
Global Trade
Areas of interest
Commodity Trading
Crude Oil & Refined Products Markets
Market Analysis & Forecasts
Seaborne Trade
Trade Data
Regional focus
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