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James Elliott
Associate Director, IHS Markit
An expert on the isocyanates and polyurethanes industry

James Elliott is an associate director of chemicals at IHS Markit. His responsibilities in this role include providing customers with insight into the isocyanates, polyurethanes, and nylon feedstocks markets with a focus on Europe. Mr. Elliott has been with IHS Markit since 2014 and helped launch the Global Polyurethane Feedstocks Market Advisory Service in March 2019. He continues to contribute to this service as well as the Global Nylon Feedstocks Market Advisory Service and the MDI World Analysis and the TDI World Analysis. Before this, Mr. Elliott covered many inorganic chemicals and chlorine derivatives across IHS Markit's inorganics base chemical service offerings. He holds a Master of Chemistry degree from University College London.

Industry expertise
Regional focus
Europe & CIS, Global
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