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Cathy Crawford
Director, GHG Estimation and Coordination, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Cathy Crawford is the director of greenhouse gas estimation and coordination at S&P Global Commodity Insights

Cathy focuses on understanding and estimating life-cycle GHG emissions of hydrocarbon extraction through to combustion. Her expertise includes GHG accounting and carbon management in the oil and gas sector, other industrial sectors as well as the built environment. Prior to joining S&P Global, Cathy was a Senior Technical Advisor for the GHG Environmental Priority Area with Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA). In this role, Cathy provided leadership in facilitating effective collaboration to accelerate environmental performance.

She has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Canada and is currently based in Calgary.

Industry expertise
Oil & Gas Upstream
Oil & Gas Upstream
Oil Markets, Midstream, and Downstream
Areas of interest
Climate Change
Energy Transition
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Management
Regional focus
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