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Simon Cleghorn
Director Consultant Aromatics EMEA, IHS Markit
Simon Cleghorn is a Director Consultant Aromatics EMEA at IHS Markit.

Mr. Cleghorn joined IHS Markit in June 2020, to take up the position of Director Consultant Aromatics EMEA. Working closely with the petrochemical and oil industries, he is responsible for providing market insight to clients in the refining and petrochemical sectors. With almost 20 years' commercial and management experience in a variety of roles at Royal Dutch Shell, he is a seasoned and networked professional with experience across the energy and petrochemical sectors.
Mr. Cleghorn has an acute awareness of the strategic environment in which businesses and other organisations operate, and is skilled in leading teams, managing the senior stakeholders necessary for the delivery of commercial strategy (incl. capex projects), contracting strategy and negotiation (sales and procurement), contract management, and the management of the interface between commodity sales/ procurement and commodity trading. Mr. Cleghorn has a university degree from Kedge Business School and Middlesex University.

Industry expertise
Climate and Sustainability
Aromatics & Fibers
Areas of interest
Commodity Trading
Electric Power Markets
Regional focus
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