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Mohsen Bonakdarpour
Executive Director, Economic Consulting, S&P Global Market Intelligence
Mohsen Bonakdarpour is an executive director of economic consulting at S&P Global Market Intelligence

Mohsen is Executive Director of consulting in S&P Global Market Intelligence, working on macroeconomic and industry economics since 1986. He brings more than 30 years of experience in macroeconomic, regional, and industry consulting with a strong focus on scenario analysis, economic impact assessments, and applications of market planning. Mohsen has been responsible for development of a detailed regional application (Business Market Insights) and global information and communication technology capability. He has expertise in regional economic impact assessment and is fluent in relevant modeling tools to a wide array of issues and policies.

Mohsen worked as a partner with Cisco's Global Market Intelligence group to build a model to estimate total addressable market for network technologies and services. The model has become on the forefront of strategic marketing initiative for Cisco via their global market view model and database.

Mohsen was the project manager for series of large scale energy related projects including Crude Oil Export Decision - the Fact-based study and analysis played an important role in lifting the ban, Americas New Energy Future - studies had an extraordinary impact at a time of debate over future of shale and was cited in Presidential State of the Union Address, and Restarting the Engine in US Gulf of Mexico - client used the research to have BOEMER accelerate licensing process in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mohsen holds an M.A. in Economics and a B.S. in Economics and Computer Science from Temple University.

Industry expertise
Global Economics
Areas of interest
Scenario Planning
Regional focus
North America
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