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Chris Batt
Principal Engineer, Aerodynamics, S&P Global Engineering Solutions
Chris Batt is a principal engineer in the ESDU Aerodynamics Group at S&P Global Engineering Solutions.

Chris has been an aerodynamicist developing prediction methods within the ESDU Aerodynamics Group since 1996. Over the past few years, he has been addressing the prediction of aircraft leakage drag, which occurs due to the leakage of air through small gaps in the aircraft external surface. He also has experience researching aerofoil and wing aerodynamics and has produced various prediction methods in these fields. Chris holds a Commercial Pilot's License and has over 1000 hours flying experience in light aircraft, he was also a part time Flying Instructor for ten years.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) in engineering from Coventry Polytechnic, United Kingdom, a Master of Science in engineering design from Loughborough University, United Kingdom, and a Master of Science in aerodynamics from Cranfield University, United Kingdom.

Industry expertise
Engineering & Product Design
Areas of interest
Aeronautical Design/Engineering
Regional focus
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