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Marianna Asaro
Executive Director, Industrial Chemistry and Catalysis, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Dr. Marianna Asaro specializes in the chemistry, process design, and process economic evaluation of chemical and catalytic processes, S&P Global Commodity Insights

Dr. Marianna, research and analysis director within the Process Economics Program (PEP) team at S&P Global, is responsible for techno-economic evaluation of current and emerging production processes,including process design and analysis of investment and production costs for various chemicals. Recent report topics include monomers, such as propylene oxide, and commercial catalysts. She is expert in research and consulting, primarily in the fields of chemicals and energy. Dr. Marianna has worked on over 75 R&D projects in the areas of catalysis and gas separations, commodity oxygenates, fuels, specialty organics, and high-throughput organic chemistry.

Dr. Marianna performed postdoctoral studies in the field of organometallic chemistry at Princeton University. She holds a PhD in inorganic chemistry and a master's degree in chemistry, both from Harvard University. Her undergraduate research at the University of California Berkeley focused on organic chemistry.

Industry expertise
Engineering & Product Design
Aromatics & Fibers
Chemical Process Technology
Chlor-Alkali, Inorganics & Mining Materials
Olefins & Derivatives
Polymers & Elastomers
Specialty Chemicals
Syngas Chemicals, Industrial Gases & Fertilizers
Areas of interest
Capital Construction Costs
Industry Monitoring and Trends
Scenario Planning
Regional focus
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