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John Anderson
Aeronautical Engineering Associate Director, Product Design, S&P Global Engineering Solutions
Dr. John Anderson is responsible for providing data items in Vibration and Acoustic Fatigue for ESDU at S&P Global Engineering Solutions.

Dr. John is responsible for providing data Items which are intended to be of value to Engineers in the Aircraft Industry. The Vibration and Acoustic Fatigue series for the Engineering Science Data Unit (ESDU) is used by Engineers who are concerned with the effect of noise on aircraft structures. The jet engine is the most common source of sound, but in the case of space structures the noise from the rocket motors is significant. The stress caused by the noise can cause failure of the structure. Dr. John provides information to customers on the vibration of panels, which may be composites with orthotropic or sandwich constuction, as used in aircraft. He is concerned with the damping of structures, in particular with real aircraft components and structures made from composites. Dr. John has studied the damping due to the radiation of sound from structures, including lightweight composite panels. Vibration of panels and their damping are relevant to acoustic fatigue. Another subject which has been studied is Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA), which is an approximate method for use at high frequencies, and is used to predict the noise levels in aircraft interiors and to predict the response to noise of lightweight structures, as found in space vehicles.

Prior joining to S&P Global, Dr. John was working with National Physical Laboratory, Teddington (aerodynamics division); Rolls-Royce (aero-engine division); City University London (engineering lecturer); Max-Planck Institute for Fluid Flow Research, Goettingen, Germany.

Dr. John holds B.Sc. (Eng) from King's College in London; Ph.D. from University of London and Chartered Engineer from Royal Aeronautical Society.

Industry expertise
Engineering & Product Design
Areas of interest
Aeronautical Design/Engineering
Regional focus
Europe & CIS
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