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Vegetable Oils - The true impact of supply and demand imbalances
Vegetable Oils - The true impact of supply and demand imbalances
This event covers the following:

Vegetable oil and oilseed supply recently have been hit with supply constraints, some associated with COVID, others are due to physical processing limitations, and others due to weather anomalies, possibly exacerbated by climate change.

At the same time, governmental policies are increasingly being put into place to remove carbon from the motor fuel sector in an effort to combat climate change. These policies are increasing the demand for oils and fats, including vegetable oils. This surge in demand at a time of supply constraints is causing a supply/demand imbalance that is disrupting the global veg oils markets and escalating prices.

In this webinar, IHS Markit experts will discuss the short- and long-term impacts of this supply/demand imbalance and their expectations.

Join us as we discuss these challenges and outline the drivers of these disruptions facing procurement teams for the remainder of 2021 and repercussions into 2022.

06 Oct 2021
4:00pm - 5:00pm
IHS Markit Webinar