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Top-10 Economic Predictions for 2021: Overcoming the pandemic and charting new paths for the global economy
Top-10 economic predictions for 2021 Overcoming the pandemic and charting new paths for the global economy
This event covers the following:
Country / Territory Risk
Sourcing and Supply Chain
Economic Risk

In 2020, the global economy endured its deepest recession in 74 years, as the COVID-19 virus pandemic upended lives and livelihoods. The recession was unprecedented in its geographic scope, the central role of services, and the scale of policy responses. While the COVID-19 virus will be with us throughout 2021, the rapid development and deployment of vaccines will enable a transition to a new post-pandemic economy. The global economy will enter 2021 at a subdued growth pace and gain momentum as the year progresses.

In the December edition of the quarterly global macroeconomic webcast, IHS Markit economists will reveal our top-10 predictions for the global economy in 2021. Topics addressed include the recovery paths of major economies, inflation, exchange rates, interest rates, ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) investing, and risks posed by rising public and private debt.


Sara Johnson
Executive Director - Global Economics, IHS Markit

Gustav Ando
Vice President, Industry Services & Life Sciences, IHS Markit

Joel Prakken, Ph.D.
Chief US Economist and co-head of US Economics, IHS Markit

Brian Lawson
Senior Economic and Financial Consultant, Country Risk, IHS Markit

Ken Wattret
Chief European Economist, IHS Markit

Listen to our experts provide a comprehensive analysis of global economic prospects in the year ahead and timely insights for charting your organization's course in 2021.

16 Dec 2020
10:30am - 11:30am
1 hour
IHS Markit Webinar