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The Road to CERAWeek 2022: Live Conversation Series
Join our weekly series of Live Conversations in the lead-up to CERAWeek 2022
This event covers the following:
Oil & Gas Upstream
Oil Markets, Midstream, and Downstream
Oil & Gas Upstream
Climate and Sustainability
Batteries & Energy Storage
Capital Markets
Clean Technology & Renewables
Supply Chain Logistics
Upstream Supply Chain
Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
Clean Technology Innovation
Energy & Climate Scenarios
Energy Geopolitics
Energy Technologies
International Oil Companies (IOCs)
National Oil Companies (NOCs)
Oil & Gas Resources
Financial Regulatory Affairs

The Road to CERAWeek 2022 | Pace of Change: Energy, Climate and Innovation is a 3-part series of weekly live conversations discussing the key themes to be featured at CERAWeek 2022.

In these series of conversations, IHS Markit experts, including Daniel Yergin, James Rosenfield, Carlos Pascual and Atul Arya, will set the scene for some of the most relevant themes for CERAWeek 2022 in the lead-up to this year in person gathering in Houston, on March 7-11.

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CERAWeek is the premier annual gathering of global energy leaders, offering shared learning, solutions and insight into the energy future. CERAWeek 2022 will be particularly timely as we address the challenge of energy transition - both the 'what' and the 'how.' This year, the Innovation Agora will introduce Agora Hubs, two dedicated zones for sharing ideas and insights, exploring the technology frontiers around Hydrogen and Carbon Management.

Join us in-person 7-11 March 2022 in Houston, to gain insight on the energy future and to connect and share learning with global leaders.

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CERAWeek Live Conversations

3 February
Quest for clean energy: Will hydrogen deliver?

Low-carbon gases-alongside electrification and efficiency-are an integral part of a low-carbon future. The pipeline for both green and blue hydrogen production is growing rapidly, but if hydrogen is to meet ambitions growth needs to accelerate and costs need to fall. Critical questions for the future include: how quickly will the cost of low-carbon hydrogen decline, what will be the mix of hydrogen from different supply sources and how quickly will demand grow?


10 February
Financing the Energy Future: The capital transition

Recalibrating the world's energy system to meet net-zero targets and to ensure energy production will meet demand will require trillions of dollars of investment. These investment needs come as the global economy faces a fragile post-pandemic recovery and ESG demands are growing. How will investors navigate these risks and opportunities?


15 February
CERAWeek 2022: The Pace of Change

Our theme, 'Pace of Change: Energy, Climate, and Innovation', addresses the challenges and opportunities of reducing emissions while supplying the needs of a growing global economy. What will be the impacts on energy investment, strategy, geopolitics, supply chains and industry structure? What are the most promising technology pathways, policies, and partnership models?


Regional focus
03 - 15 Feb 2022
IHS Markit Webinar

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