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Specialty Chemicals in China: Growth Opportunities in the New Five-Year Plan 中国特殊化学品市场十四五发展机会
This event covers the following:

中国特种化学品弹性市场为现有和新进入者提供了商机,尤其是在个人护理品以及电子化学品方面。 IHS Markit专家将提供中国的经济概况和特殊化学品市场,概述了在十四五期间可利用的增长机会。



  • 2021年经济展望
  • 中国特殊化学品工业概况
  • 电子化学品发展
  • 特种聚合物
  • 清洗剂和表面活性剂
  • 市场对保健品的需求
  • 无纺布

The resilience of specialty chemicals markets offers business opportunities for existing and new entrants, particularly in personal and healthcare products and electronic chemicals. IHS Markit experts will provide an overview of the economy and the specialty chemicals market in China, outlining growth opportunities to leverage in the next 14th-year plan. Attend this webinar to learn how the new five-year plan will impact the industry in order to plan ahead for business.

The webinar will outline prospects and developments, as well as provide updates in these key segments of the market:

  • The economic outlook for 2021
  • Overview of the specialty chemicals industry in China
  • Development in Electronic Chemicals
  • Specialty Polymers
  • Cleaning agents and surfactants
  • Market appetite for nutraceuticals
  • Non-woven fibers


Eve Zhang
Research & Analysis Director, IHS Markit

Lei Zeng
Principle Analyst, Specialty Chemicals, IHS Markit

Tony Potter
Global Vice President, Specialty Chemicals, IHS Markit

Vivian Zhang
Associate director, Specialty Chemicals, IHS Markit

Vivien Yang
Executive Director, IHS Markit

Yating Xu
Senior Economist, IHS Markit


演讲语言: 华语

时长: 1 小时

Event Details

Language of delivery: Mandarin

Duration: 60 mins

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Regional focus
Asia Pacific
16 Mar 2021
3:00pm - 4:00pm
IHS Markit Webinar