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Investigating the sources of gas in a $4 world
IHS Markit is hosting a four-part series on sources of gas
This event covers the following:
Oil & Gas Upstream
Upstream Costs & Technologies
Gasoline and Diesel Markets

Natural gas has shown an impressive rally in recent month, hovering near $4/mmbtu during both summer and shoulder months. Given the outlook for strong LNG demand, coupled with a reprieve from an oil-price-driven associated gas machine, Lower-48 dry gas plays have the opportunity to capitalize on this situation and boost domestic supply. With this in mind, IHSMarkit is hosting a four-part series on the Lower-48 dry gas outlook, including demand, company and competitive analysis, operational trends, and operator behavior. We hope you will join us.

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Haynesville answers the LNG demand call

Since 2018, the Haynesville has seen a revival the likes of which US plays have never experienced. Going from 4 bcf/d to over 10, private operators have shown an amazing ability to drive production growth in the face of low natural gas prices. The outlook for the play is promising, with LNG demand providing ample justification for these growth-oriented (rather than cash-flow) producers to answer the call. IHSMarkit experts will discuss the broader natural gas demand outlook, the play's inventory and productivity expectations, and how private companies are delivering volumes for the global market.

12 October

Appalachia's extensive inventory cannot overcome above ground issues

The Appalachian plays of the Marcellus and Utica combine to supply over 35 bcf/d of natural gas to the Lower-48. In fact, this region, largely taken for granted, has been the backbone to domestic supply for several years. However, above ground constraints are set to hinder future growth. With additional Gulf-Coast directed pipeline effectively terminated, the play's true potential appears capped. Coupled with potential sweet spot exhaustion, storage concerns, and a recent flurry of corporate deals, the plays outlook is surely in flux. IHSMarkit experts will discuss unique considerations of the region, economics, and how Appalachian supply is likely to develop in the coming years.

19 October

The Montney's two drivers of production

As Canada's largest gas supply base, the Montney's role has been to serve two markets - NGL volumes are delivered as diluent for oil sand production, while dry gas supplies domestic needs. Recent corporate transactions, low oil prices and strong natural gas prices have caused a shift in priorities for operators in the WCSB, and pipeline issues remain a constant concern. IHSMarkit experts will engage in a robust conversation covering the history of the play, recent trends, and how the play will continue to serve two masters in the coming years.

09 October

Associated gas and the rest of the supply system

While the major plays will remain as the backbone of dry gas supply, supporting roles will be necessary. As oil prices recover and operators are able to generate investor-driven cash flows, associated gas will rear its head again, challenging dry gas plays for market share. Additionally, legacy plays in the mid-continent and Rockies regions will be capable of generating economic supply, generating additional volumes for domestic and global demand. IHSMarkit experts will address these and other issues which will affect gas supply and markets in the coming years.

30 November

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Duration : 45 Minutes

Language: English

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12 Oct 2021 - 30 Nov 2021
IHS Markit Webinar