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PMI™ by IHS Markit Global Webcast Series
Join our webcast to learn about the latest economic trends from the world’s leading survey data.
This event covers the following:
Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI)

Based on more than 28,000 interviews, our Purchasing Managers' Index™ (PMI™) webcast will provide an update on worldwide growth, employment, and inflation, with a special focus on supply chains and pricing.

The PMI surveys have been upbeat in recent months, with the Global PMI hitting an 11-year high in April. We will be looking for signs that strong growth was sustained into May, and especially if services continued to take the lead over manufacturing as COVID-19 recoveries progress. Factory data will also be scrutinized for signs of any easing of April's unprecedented supply delays and record price increases. Any worsening of the demand and supply imbalance will fuel additional inflation worries.

We are keen to see if eurozone countries will join the US and UK in enjoying post-lockdown rebounds as vaccine progress accelerates. Additionally, we will be closely watching countries where case numbers have risen, such as India and Taiwan. Similarly, the detailed sector data will be analyzed for how the recovery is potentially broadening amid signs in April that consumer-facing services are starting to enjoy a return to growth. We will also look at how costs, pricing, and margins are varying by sector, with a detailed look at some commodity-specific trends.

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Key topics

  • Has the global economy managed to sustain strong growth momentum midway through the second quarter? Are we near 'peak growth rates'?
  • How are rising COVID-19 case numbers and vaccine rollouts affecting growth rates? Is the US still driving the upturn?
  • Are supply chain delays being resolved, and what are the impacts on prices? Are high prices likely to last?
  • Are consumer-facing service sectors showing more promising signs now that the vaccine rollout is progressing well in many countries?

Regional focus
10 Jun 2021
10:00am - 11:00am
1 hour
IHS Markit Webinar