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Commodities at Seaからみる2022年原油・リキッドバルク市況 | Oil and Liquid Bulk Outlook in 2022
Oil and Liquid Bulk Outlook in 2022
This event covers the following:
Maritime & Trade
Crude Oil & Refined Products Markets


しかし、一方では世界中で急速に再拡大を見せているオミクロン株の出現により、石油市場の価格は流動性の高い状況が続いております。本ウェビナーでは、COVID前から現在に至るまで、米国や中東などの地域の原油の動きとその足跡を、Commodities at Sea; Liquid Bulkを用いてご説明しIHS Markit Maritime and Tradeのアナリストからは、現在の原油市況から考えられるマーケットへの影響につき解説いたします。

Progress in COVID-19 vaccination rollout Post COVID and gradual economic recovery in demand increase back to before-COVID level for the high oil prices in years, resulting U.S. and a few economic allies to announce the releasing the Strategic Reserve to the market to ease the price pressure.

However, the advent of the rapidly expanding Omicron variant around the globe, has sent prices in the oil market into a high volatility. This webinar is to showcase the oil market movements focusing on the crude oil movements for regions such as U.S. and the Middle-east, and its footprint from before COVID to the present using the Commodities at Sea; Liquid Bulk and IHS Markit Maritime and Trade analyst to go through the implications from the current crude market movements.


  • 原油市場におけるアップデート
  • Commodities at Sea から見る原油市場の動き
  • Liquid Bulk Market市況について

  • Key Messages of the latest oil market update
  • Crude oil market movements (Before COVID to present) and its footprint and key notes
  • Oil and Liquid Bulk outlook in 2022
Regional focus
Asia Pacific, Global
09 Feb 2022
2:30pm - 3:25pm
IHS Markit Webinar