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A new visualization of power market evolution: Examining the impact of renewables and battery penetration on North American power markets with data-driven analytics (Americas/EMEA)
This event covers the following:
Clean Technology & Renewables
Oil & Gas Upstream
Solar Power
Clean Technology & Renewables
Battery Technology

There is also a session of this webinar available for Asia-Pacific time zones. Register for the APAC session here.

We introduce our newest data analytics solution, North American Power Analytics (NAPA), a powerful interactive tool built around hundreds of power market simulations that will give you critical insight to inform your decision-making. We will discuss cross-technology applications such as:

  • Assessing the impact of the solar penetration level on the captured price of onshore and offshore wind
  • Visualizing the role that renewables play in reducing thermal power plants' operating levels and profitability
  • Understanding how battery penetration level can support solar captured pricing
  • Tracking the merit order position of the coal fleet over time, as renewables and efficient natural gas capacity are added to the generation stack

The webinar will conclude with a 15-minute demo of the North American Power Analytics product, followed by live Q&A.

Regional focus
North America, North America
17 Nov 2020
11:00am - 11:00am
IHS Markit Webinar