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Inside the Companion Animal Health Evolution
Inside the Companion Animal Health Evolution
This event covers the following:

The 'humanization' of companion animals has been a key characteristic behind the animal health sector's significant growth in recent years.

This has led to a broader adoption of innovative therapeutics, e-commerce, diagnostics and pet nutrition. One of the major growth areas for the animal health industry has been the new wave of specialty pharma products for pets.

This area is witnessing a new dynamic for the industry, where the biggest players combine internal innovation with the pipelines of myriad start-ups via partnerships and acquisitions - a trend that is set to continue.

In this webinar, the questions we will seek to answer are:

  • What is the fastest growing part of the companion animal sector?
  • What is driving this growth?
  • Which segment is growing the least and why?
  • What are the key reasons why these segments will grow faster than we predicted?
  • What are the key reasons why these segments will grow slower than we predicted?
  • What region will see the most growth in the companion animal sector?
  • Are there any stand-out innovations that we deem really interesting?

The event will feature three of Stonehaven Consulting's experts in the companion animal health market:

  • Arthur Redpath, Head of Data & Insights, Stonehaven Consulting
  • Katja Glauser, Consultant, Stonehaven Consulting
  • Andre Knuchel-Takano, Senior Analyst, Stonehaven Consulting

As contributors to five reports, Stonehaven Consulting published in partnership with S&P Global, on canine oncology and the canine and feline pain, dermatology, parasitology and vaccine markets, they will discuss the major dynamics driving the industry worldwide.

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19 May 2022
3:00pm - 4:00pm
IHS Markit Webinar