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IHS Markit Automotive Loyalty Summit
Celebrating IHS Markit's 25th automotive loyalty awards with industry trends and executive discussion panel. 
This event covers the following:

As sales in the automotive industry struggle to reach previous record highs, in the wake of the global pandemic, customer loyalty has never been more important to an OEM's success. Over the last 25 years, OEMs have developed multiple methods in which to entice their customers to return to the brand whether it's through lease, finance, incentives, service, or targeted marketing.

With diversity in the buying audience increasing by the day and consumer behaviors and interests evolving, the industry must target new strategies to keep their customers loyal when returning to the market. The continued rise in demand for crossovers, along with the emergence of the BEV market, has sounded an alarm for OEMs to gain a better understanding of how loyalty will play a part in the future of the industry.

With so much uncertainty ahead, IHS Markit invites you to our Automotive Loyalty Summit, where our loyalty analysts will provide an outlook on the current state of automotive as well as seek opinions and insight from some of the leading figures in the industry today.

Items presented in the Automotive Summit will include:

  • 2020 Loyalty Award Winners

  • The first edition of our Industry Loyalty Presentation, led by Tom Libby, IHS Markit Associate Director of Industry Analysis & Loyalty Solutions, covering current loyalty trends and some of the key factors driving loyalty, conquests, and defections

  • A panel discussion with key automotive executives, led by Kristen Balasia, IHS Markit Vice President, focused on issues that drive and influence loyalty:
    • How is loyalty impacting a contracting industry?
    • Evolving targeting strategies to stay relevant with an evolving consumer base
    • The search for new and diverse buyers in a stagnant market
    • The impact electric vehicles will play in the industry

Regional focus
15 Apr 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm
1 hour
IHS Markit Webinar