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2021 Explore: Energy
2021 Explore: Energy - Navigating Success in the Upstream Evolution
This event covers the following:
Oil & Gas Upstream

The world is undergoing transformational change in response to growing climate change pressures by four sets of factors (governments, companies, shareholders/non-governmental organizations [NGOs], and the financial sector). Significant uncertainty exists on the pace of change, but one aspect is certain, in that change is coming ,and it will have a marked impact for all key stakeholders in the upstream and energy sector.

Join us as we cover key topics in 5 sessions below:

November 16th

Session 1: Brazil's Pre-Salt Play

The potential is huge - how big is the window of opportunity?

The Santos and Campos Basins lie on Brazil's Atlantic margin, containing a Cretaceous Aptian salt layer that divides the geology into pre- and post-salt petroleum play systems. This Webinar will take an in-depth 'deep dive' look at the pre-salt Cretaceous carbonate play.

Session 2: Eastern Mediterranean's Prolific Gas Basins

The race to monetize the molecules

This session will take an in-depth 'deep dive' look at the clastic and carbonate play potential across the five key basins, and explain the opportunities and challenges that arise in the race to monetize the Region's gas molecules.

Session 3: Haynesville Answers the LNG Demand Call

Since 2018, the Haynesville has seen a revival the likes of which US plays have never experienced. Going from 4 bcf/d to over 10, private operators have shown an amazing ability to drive production growth in the face of low natural gas prices. The outlook for the play is promising, with LNG demand providing ample justification for these growth-oriented (rather than cash-flow) producers to answer the call.

IHS Markit experts will discuss the broader natural gas demand outlook, the play's inventory and productivity expectations, and how private companies are delivering volumes for the global market.

November 17th

Session 4: Navigating the Upstream Transformation

Energy transition is putting pressure on upstream oil and gas to alter their strategies, lower their emissions and ultimately compete on carbon. This session will explore key questions investors are asking and how the oil and gas is responding:

  • What does energy transformation mean for the upstream?
  • What are some of the key misconceptions or misunderstanding around upstream oil and gas GHG emissions?
  • What are some of the steps companies are taking to respond to changing market pressures?

Session 5: Analytics - Powering the New Energy Future

The perfect storm of an accelerated energy transition, increased data quantities and departing industry expertise means we need some real power in our corner. That is increasingly coming in the form of advanced analytics that can help sift through huge amounts of information to get decision makers the answers they need. In this session we'll explore how that technology is evolving and see some very relevant examples of it in action.


Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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16 - 17 Nov 2021
IHS Markit Webinar