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ESDU Webinar Series 2021
2021 ESDU Webinar Series 2021
This event covers the following:
Engineering & Product Design

Discover and learn about:

  • The challenges, limitations and impact of traditional design and assembly methods for pin joints, bolted joints and welded joints.
  • Validated design methods for joints that eliminate the limitations and are recognized by agencies such as the FAA, EASA and CAA.
  • Using existing S-N curves to avoid/minimize expensive and time-consuming testing of new materials and components, and, where testing is necessary, extracting the maximum value from it.
  • Methods to complement, enhance and extend the applicability and accuracy of traditional stress analysis.
DateWebinar Topic
20 October 2021Design of Pin Joints - Why Finite Element Analysis can be misleading
27 October 2021Design of Bolted Joints - Considerations that, if neglected, can be disastrous
3 November 2021Validated Cost-Effective Fatigue Analysis using either existing S-N Curves or generating new ones
10 November 2021Design of Welded Joints - Analysis that, if wrongly applied, can be disastrous

The online webinars will be available live or on-demand; each on-demand session will be made available for viewing post the live date.

Regional focus
20 Oct 2021 - 10 Nov 2021
IHS Markit Webinar